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Know what every summer look has in common? That healthy glow. If you aren’t quite there with your hair, you can get it pretty quickly with the right tools and techniques by the time poolside lounging and sundress season kick into full gear. Read on for five ways to revive damaged hair and get your best accessory glowing.


  1. Get a Trim



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The quickest way to transform your hair is to trim off the damage and reveal fresh, healthy growth. The talented stylists at Robert Markley Salon Spa in Tucson will craft your summer look, whether you’re coming in for a big chop or just to clean up the ends and preserve length.


  1. Aveda’s Damage Remedy Line



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Mix and match the offerings from this intense repairing collection based on how much help your hair needs. All Damage Remedy products use rich moisturizers and powerful quinoa protein to actively repair damage, strengthen hair and prevent further stress.

Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo and Conditioner help to restore and detangle hair, leaving it smooth and soft while preventing breakage. The Intensive Restructuring Treatment is a five-minute shower session that makes a visible difference in hair health. Daily Hair Repair is a nourishing leave-in daily balm. To fuse split ends once you’ve styled, smooth on Split End Repair and marvel at the magic.


  1. Get a Botanical Treatment

Lie back in the shampoo bowl and relax while we repair your hair. Aveda’s Botanical Therapy treatments are customized to suit the needs for your stressed tresses. You can enjoy this as a standalone therapy or as an add-on to any hair service.


  1. Switch Your Color, Amp Up The Shine



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Welcome to the future! It’s colorful and shiny!

Aveda’s Full Spectrum Demi+ hair color line actually improves the condition of your hair and provides radiant shine. Thanks in part to powerful plant oils and essences from kukui, sunflower, castor and jojoba, this is essentially damage-free hair color that leaves your hair looking shinier than before. (Its reduced processing time means you can fit color appointments into your summer schedule more easily.)

To give existing color a boost and amp up the shine for the long term, the Aveda Shine Treatment has all the nourishing plant benefits without the pigment. In just a few minutes at the shampoo bowl, you get glossy hair for the long term.


  1. Prevent Further Damage

Whether you already have dream hair or are getting there, you have to prevent further damage. But that doesn’t mean living in a hat and never using heat tools again.

Protect it from UV rays (and keep that color vivid) with Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. It’s part of Aveda’s three-part Sun Care line that also has a clarifying hair/body wash to remove chlorine and minerals and a nourishing after-sun masque for beach- and pool-heavy days.

For heat styling protection, Heat Relief Thermal Protector is a conditioning mist that not only smells amazing (like Shampure) but also shields your locks from heat damage during styling—up to 450 degrees!


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Go Ahead, Enjoy Your Healthy Hair

Summer is all about living in the now, enjoying the weather and getting your glow on. The squad at Tucson’s best salon is here to make sure you love your summer selfies and enjoy fabulously healthy hair that’s worthy of the season.

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