The Brow Factor: The Do’s and Don’ts of Perfect Brows


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If you haven’t noticed, eyebrows have become a bit of a hot topic in recent years. Somehow they got ignored in the 2000’s, they were non-existent in the 90’s and anytime before that, they were just…there. But today, we take our brows very seriously.That’s because we are coming to terms with the fact that eyebrows are THE key to framing the face and looking polished. Aveda’s new Brow Definer is an all-in-one brow tool that has everything you need for “It” Brows; it’s cost effective, cruelty free and easy to use.


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This must-have pencil is 100% naturally derived, vegan and combines a blend of botanical waxes to help deliver long-wearing color that is smudge-proof, as well as fade-, sweat-, heat-, humidity-, and water resistant. It features a spoolie on one end—designed to blend seamlessly for an elegant, natural-looking brow. Here’s some tips and tricks on getting your best brows ever.

DO: Find a color that complements your hair.

Notice we didn’t say “match.” A general rule to follow is to stay within one or two shades of the darkest part of your hair. Consider your hair & skin undertones; if you pull reddish tones, choose a warm-toned pencil and for neutral, ashy tones you want a cool-toned pencil. Aveda’s Brow Definers come in four versatile shades.

DON’T: Apply too much pressure.

Less is more. The lighter the stroke, the more realistic it’s going to look. We recommend using short flick-like strokes to outline and shape and then fill in sparse spots by blending. Be sure you’re using a sharp pencil to create those thin strokes.


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DO: Brush them

The most underrated makeup brush out there is the brow brush. But if used correctly, it’s a game changer. Get in the habit of brushing your brows into shape before filling them in and you’ll be be amazed at how much fuller and shapely they look.

DON’T: Get too crazy

Super-drawn-on Insta-brows are no longer cool. No one’s brows actually look like that. Find where your natural angles hit (see below) and stay there. Don’t illustrate an arch you don’t have. Also, don’t worry about making them look exactly alike—remember, they are sisters, not twins.

DO: Know your angles

Place your pencil against the side of your nostril, line it up vertically and that’s where your brows should start. Then line it up at an angle from nostril to the outside corner of your eye, extending to your brow — that’s where they should end.

DON’T: Shape them yourself

Step away from the tweezers! Unless you are a highly trained, professional-grade expert at shaping brows (if so, we applaud you) then do not try to shape your brows yourself. At Robert Markley Salon Spa in Tucson we are trained & certified to help shape your brows to perfection—safely & hygienically.

DO: Embrace YOUR brows

Brows come in all shapes and sizes—there is no set thickness or fullness required to attain perfect brows. What might work for your brows might not work for someone else’s. So don’t get too lost on Pinterest or Instagram comparing your brows to theirs. Work with your face, your colors, your angles and you will achieve brows that are perfect for YOU.

Get those brows shaped—book with us at Robert Markley Salon Spa and love your look!

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